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DuPont has been [disclaimer] ordered by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency to halt sales of their herbicide, . Last fall, Imprelis was hailed as a miracle weed killer, but the chemical has killed thousands of trees over the last year. Damage to large spruce and pine trees was reported in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and throughout the Midwest. Imprelis was intended to kill broadleaf weeds like dandelions, but caused trees to turn brown and caused disclaimer branch curling. Disclaimer dupont temporarily halted sales on aug. 4 and announced a return and refund program. The company has said it will share details of the program once it received approval from the EPA. "We sincerely regret any tree injuries that Imprelis may have caused, and will work with you to promptly and fairly resolve problems associated with our product, " DuPont said on its website dedicated to Imprelis problems, imprelis-facts. com. At least four lawsuits have been filed seeking damages from the company. DuPont admitted that Imprelis actually damaged trees on its own property, including at the DuPont Country Club and the Stine-Haskell Research Center near Newark, where Imprelis was developed. The EPA is looking into exactly what caused the damage – inadequate warnings, product misuse, factors including runoff issues disclaimer, or other environmental factors.

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